Pars Nahad zist is a trade and professional construction company in Iran,that carry out prepare equipment in industry ,construction of infrastructures, water treatment plants, pump stations, pipelines and buildings projects.

Pars Nahad Zist Company is in constant effort while obtaining qualified certificates.

In developing its business and export activities, it is fully prepared to provide services in seven parts:

1- General trading 2 – Building industry 3 -Solar energy   4 – Water & Wastewater systems  5 – Control &Telecommunications and electricity 6 – Agriculture 7-Automotive industry

A summery of our activity include:

1) Trading (Export and Import)

Export and Import, Buying and Selling All Allowed Goods, General Trading and Investment Including:

  • Providing, manufacturing and selling of various types of raw materials, all types of machinery and equipment, industrial and laboratory
  • Participation, consulting in the manufacture and transfer of production line and technical knowledge at home and abroad, Establishment and establishment of approved laboratories, centers and references of internal and external standards.
  • Obtaining and granting representation to or from domestic and foreign companies

2) Construction industry, water and wastewater, agriculture

  • Supplying a variety of equipment and facilities based on national and global standards (used in building, agriculture, Solar Energy and water & wastewater projects)
  • Preparing for the installation of a factory and product line as a joint venture
  • Consultancy in the production of products
  • – Water & Wastewater collection and treatment facilities .
  • Preparation for export of construction materials and products

3) Telecommunication and Electricity Industry

  • Providing and supplying equipment and installations used in control systems, telecommunications and electricity
  • Preparation for the installation of the factory and production line, as well as the transfer of related technical knowledge, installation and production line as well as human resources training (used in the construction industry, water and wastewater, electrical and telecommunication industry)