About 7 years ago, we established ParsNahadZist Company based on “Effectiveness”, and from the beginning this vision was applied, at all company levels and in terms of practical applications.

At the national level, our mission is to be committed to professional and ethical responsibility, in order to help a better tomorrow for the country’s next generations, so that we would affect its history of industry and would therefore be a source of pride in the minds of future generations.

In the global arena, ParsNahadZist is, alongside other actors in the Iranian industry area, stepping up the progress steps one after another. And this has been materialized only through delivering the highest quality design, engineering, production, supply and implementation of our international projects.
At the organizational level, improving living standards and reinforcing cultural resources of every staff member, has always been the top priority of our human resource development plans. Observing the highest standards of safety and occupational health in the workplace, holding regular cultural/sports events, as well as educational courses for the staff members have only been part of our efforts to empower ParsNahadZist .We are committed to full implementation of environmental standards, establishment of green industry and incorporating innovation and technology to contribute to the growth of the industry of IRAN.


Javad Fazeli